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the purpose and goals of this project

Feb 24, 2007 at 5:06 PM
The source code for the SIOD scheme interpreter has been available for
nearly 20 years, most recently (since the 1990's) from What is the purpose for
hosting it on CodePlex now?

The earliest versions of SIOD were particularly small, such that
definining and executing a small function such as "factorial" or "fib" could
provide as much as 80% code-coverage. This made them attractive to people
who want to test a new C compiler for the first time on some small but
not entirely trivial program. To that end I want to investigate the issues
of porting ugly C programs into managed code, and to evaluate the
garbage collection and performance issues before embarking on a larger
lisp implementation project.

There are a couple ways to take SIOD into the managed code space.
The obvious way is to avoid the explicit management of heaps, and
just allocate storage in small chunks using the CLR, and let the CLR
take care of all the storage management. SIOD is small enough to
fully document the entire porting process, any the issues that come up,
before dealing with other favorite programs of the 1980's, such as Emacs.

Another purpose is to evaluate how easy it is to use the visual studio
express integration with the codeplex source code management.