Project Description
Scheme in One Day (SIOD) the small scheme interpreter with the conservative garbage collector. Even though this is an interpreter it comes with a compiler that will convert Scheme language source files into windows EXE files using a classic bootstrap trampoline technique.
This has proven very useful for hiding the fact that one is programming in a lisp dialect.

Project Home Page

This project started out as a copy of the SIOD port to windows circa 1997,
which was updated to work in the latest Visual Studio Express
edition, including a windows installer (MSI) which is able to install executables, documentation, short-cuts and source code. Some of the user-contributed code that has collected over the last 15 years has been added to the releases.

There will be a managed C code port in the future. Of course this must start out with a renaming of all c files to cpp, so they are treated as C++.

The online documentation is still here:

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